How To Use Mockups in Logo Design Presentations

How To Use Mockups in Logo Design Presentations
How to use mockups in logo design presentations

In the branding and creative world, when it comes to presenting logo designs to clients, mockups can be a game-changer. And that’s because they allow you to showcase logo designs in a realistic and professional manner, giving clients a better understanding of what their logo will look like in real-world scenarios. Because of that, we’ve put together this article where we’ll explore how to use mockups in logo design presentations, we’ll quickly explain what are mockups, we’ll give you examples of why and when to use mockups, all of these so you can have a better understanding on how mockups can enhance your logo design process.

What are mockups and what is their role in logo design?

Mockups are basically editable templates that allow you to display and showcase different design work in a realistic and professional way. In logo design and graphic design they usually come as digital Photoshop (.PSD) files and are used to showcase how a design will look in a real-world setting.

They are used by easily replacing the artwork in a smart object layer from a PSD file, which will apply your design to the selected mockup and automatically applying the realistic effects applied to the layer. That can be a 3D effect, realistic lightning and shadows, engraving, embroidered or many other effects that a mockup can display.

Mockups are often used to display logos on various products or in different environments to give clients a better understanding of how their company’s logo will look like in use.

And that brings us to the next topic of…

Why use mockups in your logo design presentations

Our team has worked in the logo design and branding business for the past 15 years, and over the years we have seen and tested many ways of presenting projects to our clients. We’ve done presentations with and without mockups, and we have been able to see the big difference between the two. The overall conclusions are that using mockups in logo design presentations:

  • Will help your clients make a more calculated decision on the final design due to the fact that he can have a sense on how the logos will look like in a physical form;
  • Can make cut the timeline of a project in more than half and decrease the number of revisions done on a project;
  • And one of the most important factors is that it will validate your work and endorse that fact that you are a professional and that you are offering top notch services.

When to use mockups in a logo design presentation

We have a strong belief that mockups should be used throughout the entire logo design process! Be it in the presentation of the first logo concepts or for a revised design, a realistic representation of your logo design should always be included, after the main versions of the design.

Even thought this can seem like it will add extra work on your side in the beginning, using mockups in all stages of a logo design project can actually save time in the long run, by helping the client reach to a final decision quicker.

And to complete this guide, we have reached the topic of…

How to use mockups in logo design presentations

As explained in the what are mockups topic from the top of this article, mockups are editable Photoshop files on which you can easily apply your own logo design in a realistic way. And that brings us to a few sub-points of this chapter, which will help to better explain how to use mockups, beyond the technical part.

Technicality on how to use mockups

The technicality of the usage of logo mockups is usually the same, as they are all based based on smart objects from Photoshop or other photo editing software. But in this article we will keep to the usage of our mockups and how we have made them to work.

First, in a mockup there can be one or multiple layers that you can edit in order to customise a mockup to fit your design. Those can be, but are not limited to:

  • Logo layer on which you can apply your own design;
  • Multiple logo placements within the same mockup where you can apply different variations of your design in order to create a more extended logo design mockup presentation;
  • Background of different objects like a signage background, fabric color, object color and so on.

Each of these options will have their own layer and usually have a name like “Replace Logo”, “Change Sign Color”, “Replace Artwork” and so on. It order to place your logo in a mockup, all you have to do is to double click this small symbol from “Replace Logo” or “Replace Artwork” (depending from mockup to mockup)

how to use mockups in logo design - mockup layers screenshot

place your own design inside the frame and delete or hide other layers found inside of it, save it and that’s it. Your logo has been placed inside the mockup and all effects have been automatically been applied to it. After that, just look in the mockup’s layers and see if there’s anything else that you can adjust to make it fit more with your client’s colours, branding and style.

Now you can save it and get it ready to implement it in your design presentation.

Choosing the right mockups for your projects

When preparing a logo design presentation, choosing the right mockups for it is a really important step, one that can make the difference between a winning or a losing project. And here are some the most important things that you have to keep in mind when you choose logo mockups for your projects:

  • First thing is to choose mockups that represent the activity that your client’s business does. For example, if your client is restaurant, presenting their logos on a Canvas Embroidered Label Logo Mockup will be completely wrong. In this case you can go with a Wide Facade Restaurant Sign Mockup or with a Window and Awning Mockup.
  • Next, define the style of the clients business. They can be a high-end luxurious restaurant for which you will need Luxury Facade Mockups, or they can be a more rustic and authentic family restaurant for which you can use a Restaurant Wooden 3D Logo Mockup.
  • After that, think if you want to have multiple logo placements, like on Restaurant Awning and Window Mockup, or if one logo placement is enough.
  • Now that you have a clear idea of what you want to present for your client, test out a few options and see which fits best with your project and then choose the most fitting mockups.

How many mockups to choose for a logo design presentation

The number of mockups you can use in a logo design presentation is based on your taste and on the complexity of your project. You can safely go with just one mockup, but if you have a more complex project, you can go with 5 to 10 mockups.

For example, for a bank there wouldn’t be that many ways to represent a logo, so you can safely go with one serious mockup like this Vintage and Luxurious 3D Sign Logo Mockup. But if you have a restaurant project, you can safely go with 5-10 logo mockups where you present their logos applied in different environments like: on a signage, on the facade of a restaurant, on a window and awning, on a menu cover, on a business card, on clothing articles and so on.

And with all of these put together in professional design presentations, you can now send them to your client with a nice overview of what your goals were with each logo design and presentation.

Conclusions on how to use mockups in logo design presentations

In ending notes, when working with logo design and branding projects, mockups play an important role in every stage of the projects. This will help designers more on how to use mockups and how to showcase their work in a professional and realistic way, leading to the client having a more clear understanding of how the logos will look like in a real life environment, which can help them take a more calculated decision and reaching an final decision quicker than they would without the use of mockups.

We recommend using mockups every step of the way in every stage of a project, from the first logo concepts to the revisions. And what is important to keep in mind for designers is that choosing mockups that fit a project is an important factor that can either help or hurt a project.

Overall, using mockups in logo design presentations can enhance the design process and lead to better outcome for both clients and designers, as long as they are used correctly.

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