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Entrance Golden Plaque Logo Mockup

Entrance Golden Plaque Logo Mockup
Entrance Golden Plaque Logo Mockup Symbol
Prepare realistic and professional design presentations for your branding projects with the help of our entrance golden plaque logo mockup. You can use it for projects that feature hotels, law and finance businesses, consultancy companies and so on.
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About Entrance Golden Plaque Logo Mockup

Our entrance golden plaque logo mockup features a realistic golden signage that is place on a building next to an entrance with big wooden and medieval doors. This is also a second version for our Entrance Golden Plaque Mockup Closeup on which the focus is more on the signage. In this current version we have a view from further away that captures more details from the environment which doesn’t have the focus on the signage.

With the help of this mockup and its second version, you can create an extended realistic design presentation for various business. These businesses can be hotels, banks, museums, breakfast and bed, opera, theatres and so on.

What you can do with this mockup:

  • Replace the logo from the golden signage with your own logo design and the engraved realistic effects will automatically be applied to it.

What you cannot do with this mockup:

  • Change the shape, size or background of the golden plaque;
  • Modify any other details regarding the surrounding environment.
Entrance Golden Plaque Logo Mockup Assets

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