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About Coastly Handwritten Font

Meet Coastly, a handwritten font that makes you think about vacation, summer, holidays, friends and family. It’s a calm and relaxing font that works great headlines, posters, product design, quotes, branding, marketing materials and more.

This font supports latin alphabet with its accents and glyphs. It also covers the most used punctuation marks and glyphs.

BONUS! This product includes 10 quotes designs that were created with just this font and custom shapes. They come as vectors and raster graphics, available in these formats: AI, EPS, PDF, SVG, PNG and JPG. See gallery images for previews.

Coastly is your friendly go to font. We made it thinking of the Amalfi Coast in Italy and its lemons, explaining its name and colour palette. Thinking of limoncello, lemonade from fresh squeezed lemons, granita, ice cream, beach and ferry trips. But we’ve also associated Coastly with your yearly holidays as: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, New Years Eve, Mothers Day and so on. It’s a celebration of life and what its delights.

Coastly Handwritten Font Contents

In this products you will find a font file (OTF) for the Coastly Font and 10 quotes designs in vector & raster formats. Our quote designs include the following quotes:

  • “I am all good I have coffee“;
  • “Always hungry for living“;
  • “I’m a dreams traveller“;
  • “I’m on an all I can eat diet“;
  • “Vacation & bring me a lemonade“;
  • “Ready for the beach“;
  • “Chilled & relaxed“;
  • “Mistakes are made for learning“;
  • “Spending holidays with my family“;
  • “Vacation starts now“.

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