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Round Neck T-shirt With Cardigan Mockups

Round Neck T-shirt With Cardigan Mockups
Coming in a series of two mockups, these round neck t-shirt mockups offer a realistic touch to your t-shirt designs presentations. T-shirts are placed on a male model with an extra cardigan layer of clothing over it.
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About Round Neck T-shirt With Cardigan Mockups

With these two round neck t-shirt with cardigan mockups you can create design presentations of your artworks. Or test out how your designs, illustrations or photos would look like when printed on a t-shirt and canvas like material.

In this mockup you can:

  • Place your designs on the white t-shirt;
  • Change the colour of the t-shirt or entirely fill it with your designs;
  • Place small graphics on it, if you are not interested in fully covering the t-shirt.

What you cannot do in these mockups is:

  • Change the colour of the cardigan;
  • Remove the cardigan from the model.
round-neck-t-shirt-blouse-with-cardigan-mockup-blank Round Neck T-shirt Blouse with Cardigan Mockup Full Color - 02

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